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What does your addiction treatment facility need to be successful?  You need your services to convey a high level authority and reputation.  How do you get business? You use marketing. There are many marketing, media and methods to choose from, each with its own benefits and drawbacks:

1. Print

Print was once considered the king of media, but those days are are essentially over.  Newspapers and magazines have now lost much of their impact, but can still be valuable sources for driving admits to your facility if you strategically place ads in the right markets with the type of messaging that will resonate with your target audience. However, the cost of print media is highly variable, depending on the media you choose.

2. Radio

With radio, addiction treatment centers can focus on a particular market by choosing a radio station your target market is likely to appreciate.  However, radio advertising often fades into the background and is easy to forget, so make your messaging is impactful and easy to remember so inbound phone calls, website visits, etc., realize maximized impact potential.

3. TV

Television advertising can be extremely effective.  Unfortunately, this form of advertising is extremely expensive to produce and purchasing airtime is costly as well. For addiction treatment centers, it’s important you don’t go too broad at first and focus your messaging (and advertising dollars) to a test market first before you go crazy with state-wide or even national ads. In other words, start small and expand as the results prove a positive ROI.

4. Direct Mail

The primary benefit of direct mail marketing is the ability to target particular demographics which we think is great.  There are two big problems with direct mail marketing. It is costly to produce and distribute, and it is easy to ignore. This is not to say this marketing venue doesn’t have merit, because we know it does. Rather, make sure you use direct mail in a manner that will work best for your facility such as outreach to hospitals, detox centers, etc., to get your brand and complimentary services in front of the RIGHT people at the right time.

5. Internet

Digital Marketing is, without question, the best and most effective path for addiction treatment centers to pursue to get your brand, its service offerings and overall value proposition in front of people proactively looking for detox, rehab and sober living services online. When tracked properly, digital marketing also does an amazing job of tracking and quantifying traditional offline forms of advertising (print, tv, direct mail, etc.) by setting up unique URL’s, phone numbers and email addresses, so your facility can see how traditional advertising is or is not working and proving a return on investment. 

In recent years, people seeking treatment options or sober living accommodations have started to spend more and more time online to source service providers both locally and nationally.  Internet based advertising has become increasingly important as well. If you want people to pay attention to your advertising messages, you must first get them to see it.  This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) becomes important.

SEO is the combination of strategies, techniques and tactics businesses use to increase the number of visitors to their website.  How do customers find your website? Most people use a search engine, like Google, Bing or Yahoo. SEO techniques make your website more attractive to search engines and ideally make your website appear at the top when your target audience search for addiction treatment options. SEO can quickly become complex and technical. This has prompted many business owners to contract with SEO firms to manage the process for them.

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3 Keys to Hiring an Addiction Treatment SEO Firm

If you want to get into SEO for your business, but you do not feel up to the technical challenge, hiring an SEO firm is a great way to go.  Just as with any other service, there are some key attributes to look for in an SEO firm:

1. History of Success

Any SEO firm with a vertical focus in addiction treatment that has been in business for several years should be able to provide you with references.  Look for firms that have worked with businesses like yours. Don’t be afraid to contact the references you receive.

2. Detailed Explanations

SEO is a technical subject, but it is not magic.  Any good SEO firm should be able to explain the process in laymen’s terms.  If a firm is evasive about the process or glosses over the details, this is a bad sign.

3. Clearly Defined Pricing

How much should addiction treatment SEO services cost?  The price should vary based on how complex your situation is. Pricing varies based on the type of facility you’re operating and the competitive landscape that exists online. In some cases, the cost may change based on your results. No matter how it works, the price should be laid out before you sign a contract.

Online Marketing Standard offers the highest quality addiction treatment SEO services available today.  From keyword research to on-page optimization and more, we can help you achieve higher search engine rankings and generate more leads for your business.

Digital marketing is different for every business.  Online Marketing Standard takes what worked in the past and expands on it, bringing it into the digital world.  By effectively using search engine optimization techniques, your potential clients will find your site, engage with your content and contact you.  With proper SEO in place, your site can get to the top of the rankings, making it easier for people to find your business and the services you offer regardless of where they are on their journey to sobriety.


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What Makes Online Marketing Standard Better

Online Marketing Standard stands out for several reasons.  First, we know that every business is unique. Each company has different requirements in terms of marketing and needs a unique strategy to make their marketing solutions work effectively.  When a company comes to Online Marketing Standard looking for a marketing strategy best suited for their practice, our team goes to work identifying your objectives and implements the right tools, processes and people to exceed your expectations.

Helping Detox, Rehab and Sober Living Facilities Dominate

Larger companies due to budget issues often overshadow small and medium size facilities.  Three of the best tools used to even out the playing field is search engine optimization, pay per click marketing and social media marketing and advertising.  As an example, the right keywords used throughout well-written content can boost it to the top of the search engine rankings.  Add in a well-executed pay per click marketing and/or social media strategy and SEO can have a dramatic effect on your marketing efforts. Interactive tools, like live chats, insurance form verification forms, exit pop-outs, etc., can also be effective, especially if you have potential clients who want immediate information.

Utilizing All of the Tools at Your Disposal

SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing tools can each be effective in their own way.  Online Marketing Standard knows how to apply the right mix for maximum effectiveness for each while cohesively tying them together to solidify your brand positioning and conversion rate potential.  We also make the most out of all of the marketing tools and technology available.  By identifying your company’s strengths and weaknesses, we will create a marketing plan that promotes your business in the best way and gets you the leads you need and right type of clients needing treatment.

Understanding What Works

Your brand and your value proposition are what ultimately sells your services, but neither one will make it very far if you do not attract the right type of traffic to your website.  Once you get the traffic, the next step is converting those visitors to actual clients who will refer your company to others seeking treatment options which we know treatment centers desire most. By unleashing the right digital marketing strategy and tactics, we can help your company reach your goals and improve the return on your marketing investment.

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Here at Online Marketing Standard, we specialize in addiction treatment digital marketing and currently serve Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and Miami, Florida. We also have experience with promoting detox and rehab centers and sober living facilities not only locally in the state of Florida, but across the nation. However, if you’re operating multiple locations, please consider Lead to Recovery to address larger, more complex campaigns.

When you are looking for new and innovative ways to boost your addiction treatment center’s presence, you need the help of professionals who understand the rehab space in particular.  The Online Marketing Standard team not only understands how to utilize these resources to their fullest advantage, we will uncover the information you need to guide your digital marketing strategy into the future.

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