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Addiction Treatment SEO

Addiction treatment Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important part of your overall marketing strategy and should make up at least 60% (or more) of your inbound traffic and conversions. If you find your facility is seeing lower than 60% of your current inbound traffic and conversions coming from organic search when auditing analytics data, you may want to rethink your SEO strategy.


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Does Search Engine Position Matter?

Here are the click-through rates based on the position in the SERP from a 2017 Google study:

  1. 20.5%
  2. 13.32%
  3. 13.14%
  4. 8.98%
  5. 9.21%
  6. 6.73%
  7. 7.61%
  8. 6.92%
  9. 5.52%
  10. 7.95%

Whether you’re operating a detox facility, a rehab center, sober living accommodations, or all three under one roof, if you don’t command page one on Google for your targeted keywords and phrases, chances are you’re not being found and potential patients or people seeking drug or alcohol addiction treatment for a loved one are going to your direct competitors. 

Local SEO

On-page SEO is a technique to help Local SEO for addiction treatment centers is a must have. If you’re operating a facility and you’re in the business of helping patients get over addiction, shouldn’t people who are local to your physical location be able to find your business as an option? It may sound like a silly question, but try going to Google and generically typing in “rehab center”, “alcohol treatment”, “drug rehab”, etc. If you’re in the vicinity of your location when searching and you don’t see your site come up in the top 3 in search results, that’s a problem.

Since the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are becoming more locally focused and no longer need state or city specific keyword searches to serve up local website content in search results for general terms, it’s important for your rehab center to have a strategy in place to tackle local SEO.

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On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is a technique to help search engines understand what products and/or services that a business offers and the location of the business. Local SEO for website pages includes local keywords, schema markup, and NAP data. Schema markup is using tags in the HTML code that tells search engines what the content of the web page represents. NAP data is the business name, address, and phone number.

Local Maps

Claiming local listings for a business is how to get it featured on the search engine maps. However, since search engines such as Google require businesses to “optimize” your listings, it’s not as simple as simply claiming your listing.

Your local map listing should have accurate data such as actual company name, address, phone number, hours of operations, types of payment accepted, etc., and in the case of Google in particular, you can upload photos and videos to further cement authority and value in the eyes of potential clients. Furthermore, you need to continuously build external credibility by echoing your business information on other sites such as Manta, Insider Pages, etc. which is known in our industry as “local citations”.

Local Content Marketing

Local content marketing is used to attract clients to your facility by writing authoritative articles around drug and alcohol addiction subject matter. Examples of content marketing articles/blog posts for a local center can include subjects such as “Best Rehabs in Florida”, “Does My Insurance Cover Drug Rehab”, “Top Orlando Drug and Alcohol Rehab”, “Rapid Detox in Palm Beach”, “How to Check Someone Into Rehab”, “Sober Living in Tampa”, etc.

Part of the local content marketing process also includes monitoring online reputation and listings on review websites since your center’s reputation is EVERYTHING when it comes to new patient acquisition. Encouraging positive customer reviews and managing complaints is important in order to maintain a good online reputation for a business. After all, if your reputation is suffering, chances are your business is too.

Link Building

Having a link building strategy is incredibly important and helps to improve search engine rankings. It is imperative your site generate links from other reputable websites that are related to the addiction treatment vertical or are tangentially relevant to it in some way in order for your site to gain “popularity” in the eyes of the search engines.

Valuable links as it relates to addiction treatment can come in many forms. They can come in the form of rehab focused directories, addiction treatment blogs, health system websites, .gov and .edu educational and/or resource pages, and much more. It’s a long and arduous path, but worth the effort when you see your pages climb the search results and start getting inbound calls, live chats, and form submissions from potential clients.

Since search engines such as Google have a good portion of its search algorithm link popularity  focused, you can’t do effective SEO without a sound link building strategy to support it.

Monitoring Local SEO Effectiveness

Return on Investment is everything when it comes to SEO and Digital Marketing in general. That’s why at Online Marketing standard we provide detailed reports that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Keyword Rankings by Engine
  • Monthly Organic Search Traffic
  • Conversions (such as insurance verification submissions, short form submissions, inbound calls, live chat engagements, etc.)
  • ROI Metrics (requires us to set up $’s to specific goals within analytics)

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